Enrichment Classes are Still Available

There are great enrichment classes that still have room. Please share this with anyone interested. Click here for the registration form.

These classes include (you do not need prior music experience and these are not for violin only students; they are excellent classes for learning fundamentals of music and or other areas of art):

The cost is $35 for the first class and any additional beyond that are DISCOUNTED to $25.

Dalcroze: Dalcroze Eurhythmics teaches concepts of rhythm, structure, and musical expression using movement. It focuses on allowing the student to gain physical awareness and experience of music through training that takes place through all of the senses, particularly kinesthetic.

Music & Movement: Experience innovative movement routines designed to enhance ear training, rhythm and musicality.

Native American Drumming:  Children and adults will learn the basics of Native American Drumming and Singing styles, rhythm, chanting, and singing in Native languages, also includes learning simple Native American dance styles.

Beginning Guitar: Students will learn the basics of guitar playing. Students must bring a guitar.

Irish Dance: Have you ever heard of the smash hit programs “River Dance” or “Lord of the Dance”? Come learn the Irish dance basics and get a taste of this lively dance form! No previous experience necessary! We will be learning traditional Irish reel and jig steps. You will also get the opportunity to learn dances to rhythmic and exciting Celtic music to be performed for family and friends in the final showcase.

Arts & Crafts: If your child loves to create and make things, this may be the perfect class for them!  Projects will be varied and fun and will include: painting, building, sculpting, pottery, jewelry, decoupage, papier-mâché, tie dye, mosaics, weaving, making a hand sewn book, etc.  Your child will be able to bring home high quality handmade by them items.