Fiddle Students! Here are your peices.

BCMC Fiddle Students,

Here are all of the tunes for the fiddle classes for 2015. Several students had requested the peices in advance this year.

For each skill level, Russ included a Hoedown, Waltz, and Tune of Choice, so that each student will walk away with a solid contest set.

Book 4 and Up Students (Advanced)
Hoedown: Tom and Jerry
Waltz: Luzenda Waltz
Tune of Choice: Goin’ Places

Book 3 Students (Intermediate)
Hoedown: Fisher’s Hornpipe
Waltz: Georgianna Moon

Tune of Choice: Lady on the Lake


Book 2 Students (Beginner)
Hoedown: Golden Slippers
Waltz: Down Home Waltz / Tennessee Waltz
Tune of Choice: Faded Love

Thank you for getting started on these pieces.