Master Class: Students meet daily with a private teacher, each student receiving individualized instruction. Students should be prepared to play their most recent polished piece at the first class. Students stay for the entire class to learn from each other’s lessons. Parents are expected to attend this class with their student to take notes, observe, and help their student prepare for the next day’s classes.

Technique Group Class: Students focus on the technical aspects of playing, such as posture, tone, intonation, bowing, vibrato, and shifting depending on their level.

Repertoire Group Class: Students focus on polishing pieces from the repertoire list for performance, focusing on musicality and phrasing.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics: Teaches concepts of rhythm, structure, and musical expression using movement. It focuses on allowing the student to gain physical awareness and experience of music through training that takes place through all of the senses, particularly kinesthetic.

Fiddling: Come enjoy playing traditional and contemporary bluegrass and celtic music on fiddle/violin, mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo, or old-time percussion instruments. Musical selections will include tunes suited for musicians of a variety of skill levels with more challenging parts for advanced players. Technical curriculum include picking and bowing exercises as well as basic improvisation.

World Music for Violinists (Book 4+): A look at musical techniques and systems from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. We normally do a different country/region each day and students end up with 4-5 pieces that they can play in styles from around the world.

Music with Technology
Ukulele Accompaniment Basics – It’s a known fact among string teachers that most of their students have two major handicaps: poor rhythm and lack of harmonic understanding of the music they play. This course will address both these issues in a practical and fun way. Students will learn basic Ukulele chord positions, different accompaniment styles and rhythms, basic harmonization theory that will allow them to generate their own accompaniments for any given melody. This course requires no previous knowledge of Ukulele but it does require that the students bring their own instrument along. Parents and siblings are more than welcome to join. This course will give them a more active role in the music learning process of their family member, which tends to result in higher levels of motivation.

Creative Music Lab – It’s a collaborative composition and performance class that will explore different strategies to create new music collectively, not tied in to any particular style or genre. The starting points for the creative process will range from things as simple as the name of everyone present in the room to the main ideas used by great musicians of the past/present. At the end of the week the participants in this class will get the chance to perform their original pieces of music. The Creative Lab is open to ALL instruments (not restricted to string players).

iTechestra Lab – Participants in this Lab will be challenged to create and explore interesting dialogues between their musical skills/instrument and modern technological tools such as game controllers, smartphones/tablets, contact and coil pickup mics, sensors and other digital/analog devices. Each group works on a different project and by the end of the week they share the results of each Lab in a demo performance. Participants in this Lab should bring along either a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

Juggling, Ages 8+: It’s fun, it’s exercise, it gets you out of your box for a minute, and it makes you feel great. It’s also the perfect thing to add to your bucket list. Actors, entertainers, adults, kids, taxicab drivers: you can do it! You’ll be surprised at how many things you can learn in just one hour.

Art Class: Students will explore their creativity while learning about art history and creating their own masterpieces. New artists to advanced artists will learn basic techniques and refine their skill. This class is full of learning, creating and lots of fun!

Dance: Hip-Hop Dance Class: Come get your groove on in the Hip-Hop Dance Class! Learning how to move your body to the beat of the music will in turn enhance your musical experience. So come have some fun learning new tricks and cool moves that you can show off to your friends! (ages 8 and up)

World Dance Class: Curious about other cultures? Come learn some fun dance styles from around the world including Bollywood from India, Russian trick steps, Irish reels and much more! (ages 8 and up)

Children’s Creative Dance Class: Come get your wiggles out and learn dance technique through fun activities involving nursery rhymes, creative movement games, exploring movement to different music styles, etc. (ages 4-7)

Art: Art Explorations (Ages 3-6) – Every child is an artist! 3-6 year olds will have fun painting with trucks, fingers or brushes! We will explore art and create masterpieces in exciting and different ways while learning the basics of art elements and art appreciation. This is a fun class younger kids are sure to enjoy!

Emerging Artists (Ages 7-10) – In this class, 7-10 year olds will be encouraged to engage, explore, experiment and create their own art. They will make art in fun ways with color mixing, lines, shapes and composition using paints along with other mediums. Learning the basics of art elements and principles. This class also incorporates art appreciation and we will explore links between music and visual arts! 

Art Techniques (Ages 11+) – This class is designed for students ages 11+ who love to create and want to improve their artistic skills. Students will focus on technique, art appreciation, and more advanced elements and principles of art. They will use ink, charcoal, paints and other mediums to create their own masterpieces and build confidence in themselves!