This year we are excited to offer scholarships for students attending this summer’s music camp. All applications are to be submitted electronically. Details are listed below:

Scholarship Information

  • Applications must be received via email before April 1, 2017.
  • Any student awarded a scholarship will be required to help with camp week including helping with registration, helping with t-shirts, and any other needs we have. If you are not willing to help, please do not apply.

The Bryce Valley Foundation for the Arts
Scholarships & Financial Aide

The Bryce Valley Foundation for the Arts will offer scholarships and financial assistance based need and achievement. This is a partial-tuition scholarship for strings students only. Half of your tuition will be covered through this scholarship. If you are awarded this scholarship, you will be expected to supply the balance of the tuition. This assistance is available for students who truly could not attend without it. Financial need is the top priority in awarding financial assistance; ability will be the second consideration.

Submit your application via email. Respond to the questions in the following order:

1. Applicant’s Name:
2. Physical Address:
3. Mailing Address:
4. County:
5. Age:
6. Male/Female:
7. Instrument:
8. Teacher’s Name:
9. Teacher’s Telephone:
10. Parent/Guardian Name:
11. Best Telephone Contact:

Also attach
12. An explanation regarding your financial situation (be specific).
13. A video of your best playing.
14. A letter of recommendation from your teacher. You are welcome to have your teacher email the letter directly to the address below if preferred. This letter is required for applicants who reside outside of Garfield County.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All items are to be emailed to